Thursday, June 8, 2017

Activation procedure for

                                            Activation procedure for

Roku is a digital media player. It streams online content through high speed internet, before using Roku player, firstly you need to activate Roku streaming player.
In order to activate your Roku media player, it must be linked to your Roku account. Your Roku account has details on which devices you own and which Roku channels you have updated or used.

During the setup process of Roku device, you will be required to go to the site my Roku com link on your computer/laptop or Smartphone and then enter the Roku link code show on your Roku device, for e.g. “AY15K”.
This blog helps you troubleshoot any problems you might experience during the linking process.
If you can get any error after putting the Roku code, then you can try again for entering the Roku code.
For the solution of this problem:
  • Firstly you can Go back to your Roku streaming player and click on Help section > Get a new Roku code.
  • Once the new Roku link code is shown, then go back to and enter the new Roku link code again.
If you can enter the Roku link code, But Roku device is stuck on the link code message.
Sometimes it can take few minutes while to complete the activation process. If the Roku streaming player continues to show the screen with the Roku link code, then you can try these following steps:
  • Make sure you have done all the steps on the site in order to activate your Roku streaming player.
  • If you can see error code 001 and the message not shown in the upper right side of the Television screen, it means that your Roku device is not linked with the network connection so you can check the internet connection properly.
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