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How to resolve roku error code problem using

                  How to resolve Roku error code problems using

Roku Error code:

Set up of Roku is not difficult but sometimes during setting up there arises some errors which can be corrected as well as eliminated.

During working on Roku device some type of problems occurs which is as follows:
  1. Error code 014
  2. Error code 009
  3. Error code 001
  4. Error code 011
  5. Error code 003

Error code 014:

This error code occurs during setting up Roku device when there are the connection problem or failure in the router while connecting to the television.But this error can be easily resolved by steps written below:
  • Firstly connect the Roku device to your modem through the ethernet connection.
  • Setting up the Ethernet connection properly and when internet connection gets active then go back and choose the wireless connection.
  • After go to wireless connection please select your option according to your demand.
  • After doing this you will be connected to your wireless connection. And you can enjoy your shows according to your demands.

Error code 009:
This error shows on display when a user, not a finding connection to connect to the network. For that, we provide some step by step instruction that given below;
  • Reboot all of your system attached to Roku.Shut down the system for 1-2 minutes and power on again.
  • The same do with your Roku and cable modem.
  • Careful to your passcode basically this causes the big problem.
By following the above steps your issue or errors are surely found and solved.

Error code 001:
  • If error code 001 shows on screen then you have to follow some important steps to resolve it
  • First of all, you have to Go on home (x5).
  • Then press the fast forward (x3).
  • Then click on rewind (x2) after this press “ok” for update the software.
  • After the process of updating you need to retry so, you can connect to your wireless network.
  • In case these steps don’t help the user then reset your tv box and retry again.
  • After doing these steps your error gets resolved.
  • If the error remains same then call to Roku professionals and experts.

Error code 011:
  • If this error is generated then please perform the given steps one by one.
  • Firstly Please remove the Roku from the power supply for 4-5 minutes, then give the electric supply again and Still, the error remains same then proceed further and perform step showing below.
  • Go to the Settings menu, then click “Network”.
  • Then you need to repeat your setup again.
  • Choose the name of your wireless connection.
  • Then fill the provided password.
  • If you see that your device is at working stage that means your network connection is established.
  • In the case of any query, you can contact to Roku professionals and technicians or go to support.

Error code 003:-
Due to an internet connection, this error code arises problem but it can be resolved by following steps:-
  • Go to router settings.
  • Change your 802.11 modes to at least having 802.11 b/g.
  • If you don’t get any solution then call to Roku’s expert’s team and technicians or call to Roku helpline number +1-844-562-8666.
If you can’t remove Roku error codes or want to remove these error codes then you may visit our website Roku com link activate.

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