Sunday, June 18, 2017

How to set up Roku player using

           How to set up Roku player using

Before you can play anything on your Roku player, you'll require to set it up. The setup process of Roku player is both quick as well as intuitive, Here we discuss the important steps for setup of Roku player.
If you don’t have Roku account then you can create it and sign in.
  • Connect the Roku player to a Television set or HD TV.
  • Choose a language on the welcome screen.
  • Select whether you have a cable or WiFi internet network.
The setup process will be slightly different for wired and wireless users.

If your Roku device is currently not connected to a WiFi network-

Go to the setup option -> select a new wireless connection -> select your preferred network, enter a security password if needed.
  • Set your display type.
If the Roku player detects your resolution correctly, keep it.
  • Link your Roku account.
Visit, then follow the instructions on your display. You will have to log in to your Roku account and then enter your Roku code into Roku account.
  • Select additional Roku channels:-
Roku player will give you the opportunity to add new channels if you want. Simply click on whichever ones you want to subscribe, and ignore whichever ones you do not. If you don’t subscribe them now, then you can always add or subscribe them later.
  • Roku system update:-
Now Roku player will update system software as well as Roku channels if required. This process will take few seconds.
  • Now your Roku device is ready for the entertainment.
All above steps are very important to set up a Roku box. If you have any problem with Roku setup and activation. Don’ t worry we are available for solution of all Roku troubles. We have a team of experts for Roku solution.

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