Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Steps to activate Roku account

                                            Steps to activate Roku account

We provides following steps to activate account. Before this, You required following things for activation of account.
  • computer/laptop or tablet.
  • High speed internet connection, it could be wired or Wi-Fi.
  • System should have high signal strength.

Now you can follow the following steps to activate your roku account:-

  • Firstly you can enter in the address bar of browser(Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini).
  • After that, you can enter roku link code on this web page.
  • supports all browser like Google chrome, Firefox,Opera Mini etc.
  • submit your roku link code and proceed further.
  • Create a new roku account and then sign in.
  • Give all information - name, password, verify password as well as email.
  • If you have already Roku account, then you can sign in.
  • Now enter your username & password.
  • You can search the options where you can submit the roku link code.
  • Now you can choose the payment method like pay-pal, credit card etc.
  • If you are using credit card method, give your credit card information.
  • Otherwise give your PayPal account information.
  • Now click on the continue button to proceed again.
  • Create a unique Roku transaction PIN for authorized purchasing.
  • All steps are completely, Enjoying entertainment with Roku streaming player.

All above steps are very useful to activate roku account. If you can follow all these steps for activation of account but your problem is still continue. Don’t worry we Roku com link activate provides complete solution of all roku related problems like roku com link, activation, etc. We have well talented & experienced team member for solution of all Roku related problems. 


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  2. Hi, I am White Jones, As per my knowledge if you are activate your Roku box at first time then you should have an computer or laptop to enter your code into account, To activate Roku go to roku com link and enter your code and create a new account on your Roku.