Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to activate HBO GO Channel on Roku player

                     How to activate HBO GO Channel on Roku player

Roku media player is a most famous digital Set-Top box in the USA.It allows you to show all your online data, movie channels, favorite TV shows, comedy channel and much more. Basically, Roku works on high-speed internet. In fact, Roku device can stream both free and paid channels like Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Netflix, PBS Kids and much more. In Roku firstly you have activated via www.roku.com/link each and every channel then you have to register it from channel store or service provider.
About HBO GO Channel:
HBO GO gives an ability to the users to watch each and every episode of every session such as latest movies, music video, Game of Thrones, Westworld and much more. In fact, a user can also watch latest box office movies.
How to add and Install HBO GO channel on Roku streaming player:
  • Firstly, go to the home button using Roku remote control.
  • Scroll down ->click on streaming channel to open the Roku channel store.
  • Search and select HBO GO channel.
  • Press ADD Channel button.
  • Login-in to HBO GO account and enter payment information like a debit card, credit card etc.
  • Select subscribe option by scroll up/down using main menu button.
  • At last, HBO GO Channel is added to your Roku channel list.

Activate your HBO GO using roku.com/link:

  • Download HBO GO channel from Roku channel store.
  • Open HBO GO channel on Roku streaming player.
  • Select activate your Roku device to get the alphanumeric code and enter this code into roku.com/link account.
  • Then visit HBOGO.com/activate link.
  • Go to Roku option then press continue button.
  • Choose your TV service provider and enter username and password for it. In case you do not have username and password then contact your TV provider.
  • Enter Roku activation link code whose display on your Television and go to activate device option.
  • After few minutes activation is done and you see congratulation message on both devices.
In case can’t activate your HBO GO channel on your Roku streaming player:
  • Eliminate the HBO GO CHANNEL:
  1. Select home screen and highlight HBO GO channel.
  2. Press * button from your Roku remote control.
  3. Go to remove channel option.

  • Update your Roku streaming player:
  1. From the home screen of Roku player.
  2. Select setting option.
  3. Click on the system -> choose system update option.
  4. Now, click on check button, for update Roku.

  • Restart your Roku streaming player:
  1. Choose to set on a home screen.
  2. Select system and then system restart option.
  3. Click on restart option.

  • Again Add the HBO GO channel on Roku device.
  • Activate your HBO GO channel again.

If you have any problem related to Roku channel and roku.com/link activation then visit www Roku com link activate.

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  1. Roku is a best streaming streaming player than the other. You can easily stream Movies, Music and TV Series on your Television. Roku give one of the best content from popular Channels. You can connect your Roku player to the Internet through wireless or wired internet connection. So, this is a post about HBO Go on Roku.

    First of all, you can install/download HBO GO channel from the Channel Store on your Roku Device.
    Open HBO GO on your Roku Streaming Player.
    Activate your Roku Player using Roku com link code, you can enter this code into your device using computer and laptop.
    Visit HBOGO.com/activate using computer/laptop and select Roku -> Click on the continue button.
    Now, you can enjoy your HBO Go Channel on Roku Media player.
    Happy streaming.